What You Need to know about Coronation Premium Financing.

Coronation Insurance is a leading insurance company in Nigeria.  With our years of experience as one of the first and major players in the field, we are specially adapted to serve our customers more effectively and thoughtfully. With our bancassurance partnership with Access Bank, we aim to further drive our vision of “a continent transformed.” This we hope to do with our premium financing initiative.

Coronation Premium Financing is a system that allows an entity (individual or corporate) to take loans at low-interest rates in order to cover its insurance premium, in the event of an inability to do so. Imagine the deadline for your insurance premium is fast approaching, but because of some unexpected financial constraint, it seems like you would be unable to cover it. With Coronation Premium  Financing, the insurance premiums will be covered on your behalf, and then you repay the loan at a later date, with low interest.

This initiative covers high-demand insurance products like motor insurance, fire and burglary insurance, marine insurance, credit life insurance, and travel insurance. The goal is to provide our customers with a transformational solution to their insurance hiccups and give them access to insurance products and easy payment of premiums. We also hope that this initiative will drive a more robust insurance awareness and culture in Nigeria.

To know more about Coronation Insurance Premium Financing initiative, please click here.

For more enquiries, contact 2341-2774500 or email contactcentre@coronationinsurance.com.ng

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