06 August 2020

Building Effective Teamwork in The Workplace

Team spirit is one of the things that people put in their resume as one of their characters. This might be as a result of the fact that a company is not made up of one person, and there would be a need to work hand in hand with a group of people. Getting along … Continue reading “Building Effective Teamwork in The Workplace”

26 July 2020

Pitch Like a Pro: Tips to Winning New Clients

At some point, you’ll have to pitch something either to win clients over or present new ideas to an existing client. The bottom line is that sealing a deal requires some skills. You sure don’t want to come off as incompetent or amateurish. You want to show the client that you are fully loaded and … Continue reading “Pitch Like a Pro: Tips to Winning New Clients”

20 March 2020

My First Day At Work

March 25, 2019, started like any other day I think. Scratch that…, it did not. I had received the email that informed me of my posting just the day before and I had mixed feelings about it. I had to travel down to Lagos from my place of residence and didn’t arrive until about 9 … Continue reading “My First Day At Work”

25 September 2019

Success Voices: Herbert Wigwe

Herbert Wigwe is in the league of men whose fame have a hard time catching up with their remarkable achievements. He is the Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Access Bank. You may have heard of them. Under his leadership the Bank, has roared into the limelight, with the many brilliant strides and policies executed … Continue reading “Success Voices: Herbert Wigwe”

25 September 2019

Success Voices: Chinedu Echeruo

Chinedu Echeruo first came to global limelight in 2013 when Apple Inc. acquired his app for $1 Billion. He built the HopStop app – an online city transit and navigation guide that was scaled to cover 600 cities around the world. It was reputed to aggregate about 5 million users monthly. Chinedu’s story is a … Continue reading “Success Voices: Chinedu Echeruo”

25 September 2019

Top 13 Time Saving Apps for Busy Professionals

Who doesn’t wish they had 25 hours in a day? An extra hour can make all difference, especially if you are a busy Executive. But since we only have 24, the best way to free up some time is to get more done in less time. This is where mobile phones can help. There are … Continue reading “Top 13 Time Saving Apps for Busy Professionals”

25 September 2019

Working Hard or Smart? Find Out Here

Make no mistake, hard work pays. But when combined with working smart, a better result ensues. What tips can be used to rewire your old self into working smarter and achieving better results? Let’s take a look: Admit Smart Work Compliments Hard WorkA hard work versus smart work approach only pitches one to choose between … Continue reading “Working Hard or Smart? Find Out Here”

25 September 2019

Life in Access Bank

When I made the decision to join Access Bank about a year ago, I was not sure what to expect. Would it just be another company trying to carve a niche for itself or would it be a bank with an unquenchable thirst to transform the banking landscape? Would it be a place that nurtures … Continue reading “Life in Access Bank”

25 September 2019

Valuing Your Most Precious Assets

According to various studies, one of the main reasons employees quit their jobs is because they do not feel valued or satisfied. Herzberg’s motivation theory backs this up, as it states that there are certain factors that cause job satisfaction and one of these is valuing and appreciating employees. Everyone longs to be valued in … Continue reading “Valuing Your Most Precious Assets”

25 September 2019

Life in Access Bank

Tell me about your role with the Bank?My role entails communicating the Bank’s products and services to our diverse customers, via digital media. The Bank always has new innovative products and services and I’m on the team that ensures the public gets to know about these products through our digital channels. This covers social media, … Continue reading “Life in Access Bank”

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