15 November 2023

Requesting your Claims Pay Out From Coronation Ins...

Using the AccessMore App, customers can manage their insurance policies from anywhere. Coronation Insurance’s partnership with Access Bank has made it simple to conduct insurance-related business using the AccessMore banking system. Customers can now leverage this platform to renew insurance policies, file claims, buy insurance plans, amongst others. Here’s how; It’s vital to note that … Continue reading “Requesting your Claims Pay Out From Coronation Insurance Using the AccessMore App.”

01 December 2022

What You Need to know about Coronation Premium Fin...

Coronation Insurance is a leading insurance company in Nigeria.  With our years of experience as one of the first and major players in the field, we are specially adapted to serve our customers more effectively and thoughtfully. With our bancassurance partnership with Access Bank, we aim to further drive our vision of “a continent transformed.” … Continue reading “What You Need to know about Coronation Premium Financing.”

01 December 2022

What Happens When You Default On Your Insurance Pr...

Insurance is a way to protect yourself, your business, and/or possessions from the risk of unforeseen events such as loss, theft, accidents, or damage. When a policyholder is unable to pay their premium, it impacts their insurance coverage negatively. In this blog post, we will discuss the consequences of defaulting on your insurance premium. What … Continue reading “What Happens When You Default On Your Insurance Premium?”

01 December 2022

Why opt for Premium Financing?

Anyone with insured property knows the gravity of defaulting on your premiums. It could mean forfeiting your property in the event of damage or theft, depending on your particular premium package. Premium financing allows individuals and organizations to take a loan to cover their insurance premiums in the event of an inability to pay at … Continue reading “Why opt for Premium Financing?”

01 December 2022

Premium Financing Myths Debunked

Like any other human concept, Premium Financing is misconceived in so many ways. It almost seems fair to believe that new myths are made up about it day by day. These myths have stopped many deserving policyholders from attempting to consider premium financing. In this blog post, we will debunk these myths with facts so … Continue reading “Premium Financing Myths Debunked”

21 November 2022

Why Travel Insurance !

When you are traveling, there is a non-ending list of things that can go wrong; “I am a businessman, 12 months ago I went traveling to Nice, in France with one of my friends. We had both prepared thoroughly, taking out full travel insurance. While we were abroad I became very ill.I was taken to … Continue reading “Why Travel Insurance !”

21 November 2022

What You Don’t know about travel insurance.

Travel insurance is one of the most important things you need when you travel — yet it’s often overlooked. Part of the travel lifestyle is to ensure you travel safely. Travel Insurance is a must-have while planning any trip. It provides coverage against a variety of risks related to travel, and more importantly, provides coverage … Continue reading “What You Don’t know about travel insurance.”

22 July 2022

What is Premium Financing, and why should you care...

For most corporate workers and salary earners, being insured is a matter of necessity. But since time comes with different tidings, you may be unable to pay your insurance premium at one point or the other. In this kind of situation, Premium Financing is your saving grace. Premium Financing is a financial system in which … Continue reading “What is Premium Financing, and why should you care?”

22 July 2022

PREMIUM FINANCING : Leverage for everything insura...

Almost everyone who enjoys some degree of financial success has at some point taken credit to facilitate their plans. As much as some people see debt from a negative point of view, the fact remains that it provides financial leverage to manage or acquire more assets and gives one the ability to increase productivity. Few … Continue reading “PREMIUM FINANCING : Leverage for everything insurance”

22 July 2022


With the economic state of things lately, many people are dealing with financial strain and difficulty. There is a high possibility the increased standard of living makes you cut back on some necessities like insurance. But a little financial difficulty should not bring an end to your insurance coverage. In this post, we will discuss … Continue reading “WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU CANNOT AFFORD YOUR INSURANCE PREMIUM?”

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