PREMIUM FINANCING : Leverage for everything insurance

Almost everyone who enjoys some degree of financial success has at some point taken credit to facilitate their plans. As much as some people see debt from a negative point of view, the fact remains that it provides financial leverage to manage or acquire more assets and gives one the ability to increase productivity. Few people “pay in cash” on their way to wealth.

 For this reason, some high-net-worth households or businesses may choose to take out a loan to implement different insurance plans for themselves, their businesses or employees.

Companies and real estate have assets that pay a lot of premiums, but cash may not be available immediately.

 Assets such as real estate and equipment may be illiquid. Alternatively, the asset is liquid but profitable (for example, the stock goes up) and the owner may hesitate to make a withdrawal. Similarly, a company may have a lot of assets and cash flow, but wants to use these profits for further expansion, not rewards. In all these situations, Coronation Premium Financing is a wise approach to building your insurance without the need to sell or redistribute other assets.

Keep your premiums active without disrupting your financial plans. Take up Premium Financing today!

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