Your Complete Guide to Buying Travel Insurance

  • 24/7 assistance (you do not want to be placed on hold when you have an emergency)

You need to be familiar with the information and instructions in your policy so that you are not left stranded in a strange land even after you’ve got Travel Insurance. Coronation Insurance provides all the support you need from identification of perils to delivering ultimately the relevant policy.

Travel Insurance plans offered by Coronation Insurance include:

  • Tourist / Business – This covers your travels worldwide; USA, Australia, Japan and Canada. Suitable for tourists and businesses who travel outside their country of residence often.
  • Student Protection – This cover is suitable for students who are studying or planning to study outside their country of residence as well as going on a school excursion
  • Pilgrimage – This is a specific Travel Insurance plan for individuals who travel outside their country of residence to holy grounds
  • Schengen Protection – This covers your travels to Schengen areas and it even provides the mandatory certificate for a Schengen visa. Schengen areas are the European Union passport-free zones.

If you’re traveling anytime soon, visit,ng/bancassurance before you take that trip.

Experience traveling outside your country with confidence that is backed by the protection of one of West Africa’s best Risk Underwriters.

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