The basic types of insurance you need

As Malik leaned on his window seal, he looked out and hoped that maybe a miracle would happen and make money fall from the sky.

It had been one year now since his first child Mariam left secondary school yet she was still doing dishes at home. This wasn’t because Mariam hadn’t gained admission, but because there was no money to enable her get a higher education.

Malik used to work as an accountant, however due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, he was dismissed and his entire family was now suffering for it.

Just two streets away from Malik’s house, Uche’s voice seemed to be the loudest as passersby stopped to watch an argument that had broken out just seconds ago. “Oga you won’t go anywhere today o, we die here together”. The Danfo driver had been begging since he hit Uche’s bumper but was it begging that would provide the money that Uche didn’t even have to fix his car?

As Uche was threatening the Danfo driver, he was also calculating how much he would need to fix his car. This isn’t even the time for extra expenses at all, he thought.

Mama Shade couldn’t be bothered by the argument, she was trying hard to hide her tears as she watched her children sullenly drag their feet home. The children had to stop school and help her out at the market because there was no way she could afford to feed them, and still send them to school with the little she was making.

Baba Shade had suffered a kidney disease, and the family had spent all their savings in trying to save his life but he still died, leaving them with nothing. Mama Shade was still paying off debts.

As Kachi drove by Mama Shade and her children, she was thinking of how hard she was going to flop on her bed and take a 30 minutes nap. She got into the house and walked into the kitchen to grab a glass of water, only for her to step into a deep pool of water.

A pipe under the kitchen sink had broken, and the water had damaged most of her kitchen appliances. Now is definitely not a good time for this to be happening, where do I get the money to fix things? She thought.

What could they have done differently?

Don’t be like Malik and hope that answers would fall from the sky. Get a flexible investment that caters for your children’s education and even your own retirement.

Would you rather be like Uche and argue with Danfo drivers over a broken bumper? Insure your car, it will take away the burden of spending that extra money.

Don’t be like Baba Shade either, get life insurance that will help reduce the burden of loss and protect your family financially after you’re gone.

You definitely want to be like Kachi and get some rest after a long day at work. Home insurance could have catered for Kachi’s losses, she didn’t know better, but now you know.

Financial challenges arising from unforeseen events can be dealt with easily when you have a good insurance policy. With our bancassurance partner, you don’t have to overthink when life’s unexpected challenges happen, Coronation provides insurance packages that keep worries at bay because the goal is to help you enjoy your work and get the rest you need after a long day.

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