There’s a saying that goes thus: “Home is where the heart is”. Another way to interpret this is by saying “there is no place like home”.

Undoubtedly, there’s a sense of belonging you feel when you’re in your home especially after you’ve had a long day at work, all you can think of is getting home and just relaxing. You would naturally “feel at home” in your home, irrespective of whether you own it or you’re just an occupant.

Has it ever crossed your mind that an event could happen that may cost you your home, and there may not be a shelter to return to after a hard day’s work? Even if it has, you would have naturally rebuked it but the unexpected can still happen.

What if you go out one day and you came back to meet half of your building gone because a truck lost its brake and crashed into your wall? Or you and the family went on a short vacation only to come back to a house full of damaged appliances and furniture because the kitchen sink broke and it caused water leakage? Or you forgot to turn off the gas properly and went to bed, only to wake up to the smell of smoke and the sound of your neighbours’ voices screaming “FIRE! FIRE!! FIRE!!!”

Those are just common examples of the “unexpected occurrences”. If you happen to experience any of these occurrences, would you call your insurance company or would you deal with the expenses and the stress on your own?

If you don’t already have Home Insurance, the time to get one is NOW as it provides cover for your home and its belongings. The basic types are:

Homeowners Insurance

A type of home insurance that provides comprehensive cover for a building from damage occasioned by flood, fire and fallen trees as well as injury to visitors to the property. It also covers the contents of a home such as furniture & fittings, jewelleries, refrigerator and so on.

Householders Insurance

This policy is designed to meet the needs of the insured who do not own their home (and therefore do not require building insurance) but still desire protection for their belongings.

Coronation Insurance offers building and contents insurance – plus a range of added extras to make sure you get the protection you need against life’s unexpected events.

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