No, we don’t wish unforeseen circumstances, damages or disasters occur, but what happens when they do?

Sadly, we are thrown into huge losses, perhaps neck-deep in debts, and we experience genuine shock.

Well, you do not have to go through this alone. This is where we come in.

Coronation Business Insurance policy protects your business against losses, material damages and certain ‘unforeseen circumstances’.

What do we cover?

Depending on your business structure and model, we cover risks such as:

  • Break-ins and thefts
  • Fire outbreaks
  • Special perils like flood and erosion.

How do we provide Insurance cover?

We have created four insurance plans; there’s the perfect bundle for your business.

  • Basic Plan: #50,000 with #10,000,000 limit of coverage
  • Regular Plan: #100,000 with #20,000,000 limit of coverage
  • Advanced Plan: #200,000 with #50,000,000 limit of coverage
  • Advanced Plus Plan: #500,000 with #100,000,000 limit of coverage.

What do you benefit from this?

As a business owner, safety is very essential. You take all business related risks, so we’ll take care of you. You enjoy:

  • Reduced business risks; we’ll provide you with unique onestop business solutions.
  • Tax deductible premium and 
  • Insurance variants. Variety is also the spice of business.

Because we know you and your business personally, we guarantee you an insurance bundle to suit your business size and financial capabilities.

So what happens when emergencies happen?  Well, Coronation Business Insurance comes to your rescue.

We guarantee you value your money’s worth, seamless insurance claim process and standby a Support team.

For more details and enquiries, contact 2341-2774500 Or send an email to contactcentre@coronationinsurance.com.ng

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