Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”. Small and Medium scaled business owners can attest to this.

In between trying to provide value, generate revenue, ensure customer satisfaction, promote your services professionally and conduct proper auditing is also the need to secure all your hard work.

That’s where we come in…

Imagine having to multitask and still worry about your business protection? No way!

Coronation Business Protection Insurance provides you with transformational solutions, and access to one stop insurance for what matters the most to you.

Depending on your business model and financial capabilities, we’ll provide you with cover on fire outbreaks and special perils, burglars and indemnity to your commercial properties like furniture, fittings, fixtures, office supplies and other related items.

With an insurance bundle of as low as N50,000 (Bizguard Basic), and a limit coverage of up to N10,000,000.00 and with an annual premium of N500,000, you would be provided with coverage limit of up to N100,000,000.00 (Bizguard Advanced Plus).

In between these bundles are two insurance plans created for your budget and business structure ( Bizguard Regular and Bizguard Advanced)

With Coronation Business Insurance, you always win.

The benefits of this bundles are endless. We guarantee you value for your money’s worth, seamless payment methods and standby Insurance Support team.

For more details and enquiries, contact 2341-2774500 Or send an email to contactcentre@coronationinsurance.com.ng

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