According to the official statistics presented by the Federal Fire Service (FFS) during the 2018 Fire Fighters Day, over N5 trillion has been lost to fire incidents between the years 2013 and 2018 in Nigeria.

With such high-end losses caused by fire, it is imperative that one takes precautionary measures.

As a people, Nigerians believe largely in goodwill in the case of us and our immediate circle; so much that when we hear of disasters, we disassociate the possibilities of such occurrence from our lives and household.

While it is good to be optimistic, it is also essential to take necessary measures so that our optimism can be rooted in reality. Being prepared for whatever life throws at you, has never been said to have adverse effects. It is, therefore, necessary to shield oneself in case of an unforeseen loss.

Unfortunate events can be daunting but the consequences can be even more disastrous in the absence of a backup plan, and here is where we come in.

Insurance is that cushion you can fall on in the event of any unforeseen calamity; it is a means of security and a measure to withstand any negative happenings. With insurance, you are sure that even in the face of the worse, you can stand firm.

Fire & Burglary Insurance is a policy that offers compensation and covers damage to property and valuable items caused by fire or burglary. For better understanding, burglary refers to a forceful or violent break-in into premises or any visible attempt of such. It is a crime that includes theft and unlawful entry.

This policy is aimed at covering losses incurred from fire or burglary occurrence, hence shielding policy holders from the impact of such calamity.

At Coronation Insurance, we offer Fire & Burglary Insurance and more. We are dedicated to ensuring our policyholders live a life shielded from loss, so much that negative occurrence does not catch them unawares.

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