What does Fire & Burglary Insurance Cover?

The Fire & Burglary Insurance policy from Coronation Insurance is specially designed to protect against loss or damage to a property caused by fire or theft involving violent and forcible entry.

Features of Fire & Burglary Insurance

While having a Fire & Burglary Insurance policy can help protect your property and its content in the event of a fire outbreak or housebreaking, what are its specific coverage?

  1. It covers loss or damage to properties caused by fire including lightning and explosion
  2. It covers industrial explosion
  3. It can cover all other content not specifically insured up to a limited amount
  4. 4. Loss or damage to properties caused by earthquake or volcanic eruption
  5. 5. Impact by any road vehicle or animal
  6. 6. It can be extended to cover loss on content in a vehicle parked in the premises overnight
  7. Our Fire & Burglary Insurance policy at Coronation Insurance is such that it can be extended to the loss of personal effects and tools of employees and visitors, as well as the replacement of locks and keys damaged during a burglary. Loss or damage due to natural disasters such as storm, bush fire, tempest and flood are also covered under this policy.
  8. Get an insurance policy that works call Coronation Insurance on 0700342592742 or visit www.coronationinsurance.com.ng to get started.

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