Secure your home with Home Insurance

When choosing a house to make our home, we take in so many considerations, put in so much efforts and pay attention to every detail. After choosing a house, we go ahead to decorate it to our satisfaction; this includes picking out home goods, choosing a design and sometimes seeking the expertise of a professional interior decorator to help bring our vision for our home to life.

Every day we wake up and create time to put things in place, clean the house and ensure our home looks and feels like a safe space. After all the efforts, why do we not take the necessary steps to secure our home?

It is not enough to create the home of our choice; we have to go a step further by taking necessary measures to guarantee its security

Home Insurance is a comprehensive insurance that covers losses and damages to an individual’s residence, along with the furnishings, content, and assets in the home. It also provides liability coverage against accidents in the home or on the property. That is, in the event of natural or extraneous peril, the cost of the damages caused to the home is covered by the insurance.

This insurance policy aims to restore policy holder’s home to its initial condition after the occurrence of an unexpected calamity. It is a means to safeguard your safe space, after all, the quality of an individual’s life also entails the safety of their property.

At Coronation Insurance, our Home Insurance is a comprehensive policy that covers you against loss or damage to your property as a result fire, theft and other extraneous perils. This policy aims to cushion any damages that may affect your home and spare you the burden of catering to the loss incurred from such calamity.

So why stop at creating a beautiful home today, when you can go further to secure your home from any unforeseen negative occurrence. It is not enough to make your home a safe space, but to safeguard that safe space too.

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