Getting A Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Motor insurance is a type of insurance where losses or damages that may be incurred on properties or persons as a result of an accident caused by the car owner or operator. You must get your car insured before driving it on the road, it’s the law; It ensures that you are protected as well as your vehicle and other motorists in case there is an accident.

Types of Motor Insurance

There are several types of motor insurance varying from the kind of risks they cover to the legal principles underlying them. Our Motor Insurance policy is designed to cater for you, your driver, or anyone in charge of the insured car against unforeseen loss or damage as well as the legal liabilities that may arise.

Third party only, Third party, fire and theft and Comprehensive insurance are the Insurance plans we offer. But for the purpose of this article, our focus will be on the Comprehensive plan

Comprehensive Motor Insurance

As the name implies, Comprehensive Insurance is extensive insurance that protects you against accidental collision or overturning, earthquake, fire, explosion, flood, commotion while on the road, and theft. It also covers the damage of third party property and accidental bodily injuries or death to third parties. It is the widest insurance policy cover.

At coronation insurance, we offer world-class services, a simplified and prompt claims settlement process, flexible Comprehensive Motor Insurance, car hire option, and affordable rates to meet your needs.

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