Gen Retirement Game, Who will e-term Premium save

Three men from different generation plan for retirement, let’s see who gets saved by E-Term Premium.


  • 20 year old tech genius, saves in crypto, aggressive about attaining financial stability, constantly learn a new upgrade or getting a certificate, builds an emergency stash and avoids debt. This is his plan to staying afloat financially once he retires.


  • 30 year old, has ramped up a good sum from savings and steady flow of income and maintains an aggressive asset allocation. He  has no kids yet but is thinking of setting up a tuition account for the number of children he plans to have. Loves his car so he gets it insured but has no plans of getting a life insurance plan till he gets married.


  • 60 year old, fully prepared for the unexpected, has ramped up a good sum from consistently paying his insurance premium, tackles every debt from his mid-years and sets realistic goals for his retirement.

Who amongst the three do you think was saved by getting an E-Term Premium.  Let’s take it you have your response and we are guessing it’s Fred. Alas, it’s Bolu, the tech guy.

He’s still young earning well and probably doesn’t need an E-Term Premium  right? or did he die?

What we did not tell you before hand is that the E-Term premium plan  provides you with cover benefits even when you’re alive.

Three months before Bolu traveled to his home town, a friend convinced him to get the E-Term premium plan and he did. On his way home, he got into an accident and his pay out helped him stay afloat and on his track to financial freedom.

You don’t need to wait till you’re 50 or have a family before you get started on Life insurance especially with plans like the E-Term premium which provides protection even when you’re alive irrespective of age or stage in life.

Don’t forget it’s never too early to start.  

Take up a plan today!

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