Grandma’s Experience at The Banking Hall

Eunice, a woman in her mid-sixties walked into Access bank to pay in some money, since she still doesn’t know how to use the mobile app. Her Granddaughter, Gbemi, who is in her second year at a University in the North had asked for extra pocket money.

While at the bank, she came across a roll-up banner in the banking hall and the name Bancassuranace with Coronation insurance caught her attention. She clearly remembers Coronation as her go-to Insurance company for over 3 decades since she first bought her Datsun car while working at Brisco, in the 80’s. After making the payment, Grandma Eunice walked to the customer representative to ask what Bancassuranace meant.

With a smile, the customer representative explained Bancassuranace as a partnership between a bank and an insurance company, in this case Access bank and Coronation insurance. Grandma was happy about how old school and new school are coming together. She also liked the fact that:

She can do her banking transactions and also pay for her car insurance all in the same place, pay for the life policy she has always wanted, and at the same time get a student insurance cover for her granddaughter, and since her granddaughter trusts and uses Access Bank, she can be assured they are reliable.

The customer care has also mentioned easy access to claims as a benefit, unlike what happened when someone bashed her car last year and it took a while to get her claims settled and get her car fixed. Now that there is a Bancassuranace partnership with Coronation Insurance, if such casualty happens, she has easy access to claims.

With this information, Grandma Eunice called her Granddaughter about her experience and told her to also find out more by visiting the website as she was told by the customer representative.

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