5 Things you must do If Your Car Catches Fire!

No one hopes for car accidents, however, they could happen. And this could be a result of some poor maintenance habits that can be prevented by improving your knowledge on cars. In the event of your vehicle going up in flames, here are 5 things you can do:

Step 1: Switch-off car’s engine and move far away. If you have an extinguisher, this is the best time to use it.

Step 2: Keep everyone safe: By this, we mean you and everyone else are far from the car, we propose 150 meters especially if the extinguisher is not dousing the fire. Take your pictures from afar, if you have to..

Step 3: Contact Security Officials; this may be hard but it will be necessary to have it on record.

Step 4: Inform Your Insurance Provider: With the fire, damages have been incurred. Informing your insurance company is important for car repairs.

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In conclusion, it is crucial that you maintain a distance from a burning vehicle and let relevant authorities evaluate the damages.

Everything You need To Know About 3rd Party Insurance

Have you ever been stopped by a Road Safety Official or a Vehicle Inspection Officer? If yes, you know part of the particulars they request for are your “car Insurance”. While there are two major types; Third party and Comprehensive, the least you MUST have is the 3rd Party Insurance.

What then is a 3rd Party Car Insurance?

A third-party insurance policy simply means “in the event of an accident, the insurance company will only pay compensation to the third party in the insurance contract and NOT the first party which is you.

Still confused about who is who? Here is a breakdown:

The Insurer – your insurance company

The Insured – you

The third party – the person you were involved in an accident with. Now that we are clear on that. Having a 3rd party insurance package with a reputable insurance company is very important and that is why we have partnered with an insurance company that is not only 60 years in the industry, they are also known to have a fast turnaround.

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