Don’t Pull Your Hair Out, Get Marine Insurance

A lot of us are like Obinna, we tend to feel like we have control over every situation. More often than not, it works out – your expected goods are delivered safely, completely and right on time without stress or hassle.

The transporters in charge of your goods follow all laws and regulations, and you’re good to go, but what happens when the rainfall is so heavy and the tides turn? What happens when a group of pirates attack your vessel and steal your cargo? What happens when cross border conflicts arise or when there’s a collision with another vessel? What would you do then?

On this fateful day, Obinna’s goods didn’t come as usual. At first, he blamed it on the weather. Then, he blamed the network for his inability to reach the transport officials, but eventually, he received the most dreaded phone call – his goods were lost at sea. At this point, he couldn’t hold back his tears. He hadn’t seen this coming; Obinna had lost 50 million naira worth of goods! How on earth would he recover from that loss?!

This is why Marine Insurance is very important for you as a business that deals with importation of goods across sea and air. It’s like the safety helmet you need while riding a bike. When life roars at you, you always have cover! With marine insurance, you are indemnified of your loss and you can soar again. 

Marine Insurance not only protects the interest of shipping corporations but also the transporters. It is coverage against possible or potential losses to the cargo and the vessels. 

At Coronation Insurance, our Marine Insurance policy not only protects you from footing the bill for unexpected losses, it also provides unlimited cover for third party property losses. This way, even if your cargo or vessel is stranded, grounded, sunk or capsized, you are completely covered.

In all you do, don’t be like Obinna who thought he could control everything. Don’t let your hands be on your head after suffering a huge loss, don’t kneel, wail and cry your eyes out.

Get Marine Insurance from Coronation Insurance TODAY, call 0700342592742 or visit to get started.

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