PREMIUM FINANCING 101: What you need to know.

Premium financing allows owners to purchase large amounts of life insurance without having a dramatic impact on their cash flow or liquidating their investment. By using “other people’s money”, you can continue to use your cash flow for other purposes (ideally, you can earn more than the cost of a premium finance loan). The 4,444 high premiums required by many wealthy individuals can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Customers may be fairly valuable but may not have enough cash to pay such high premiums and may not be willing to liquidate their assets to raise the required capital. Thanks to premium financing, you can insure yourself well and at the same time keep your assets intact.

 Many high-net-worth individuals need life insurance to solve legacy planning, business continuity, and tax issues.

However, many of these individuals may find that they are short on cash flow, even though they need cash for other purposes or investments.

 Coronation Premium Financing is like an overdraft with low interest rate whose capital allows you to optimize your cash flow while taking out the life insurance you need for your family and business.

Save yourself the stress of worrying over premium payments. Take up Premium Financing today!

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