There are a variety of myths and misconceptions about insurance out there, mostly due to a lack of proper education. So, we have put a list of five insurance myths as well as facts to debunk them. 

#Myth 1: “I run a small business, so I don’t need insurance. “

Fact: Every business owner needs an insurance plan no matter how small the business is. A burglary or fire incident can happen to any company. It is better to protect yourself from unforeseen and unfortunate situations.

#Myth 2: Insurance companies keep breaching agreements on what is insured and what is not.

Fact: Insurance companies have contracts and legal agreements signed. These rules and terms of agreements cannot be changed abruptly.

#Myth 3: Inflate your claim because insurance companies give you less than you request for.

Fact: Insurance companies pay you for your loss according to the contract, limits of coverage and scope of accidents. For example, Coronation Burglary Insurance provides financial coverage of up to NGN200,000 on fire outbreaks, burglary, and other special perils.

#Myth 4: You need to get to insurance companies physically before you can access their services.

Fact: At Coronation Insurance, we understand how occupied you may be with business, so we provide dedicated customer support and help, to guide you through the process. You can complete the steps required to get your business insured from the comfort of your home. Simply visitwww.coronation.ng  or email contactcentre@coronationinsurance.com.ng

#Myth 5: Insurance is too expensive.

Fact: As a thriving business, you need an affordable insurance variant. You can get your business covered on fire and burglary risks for just NGN1,000 yearly.

Coronation Insurance guarantees you value for your money’s worth, seamless payment methods and a standby Insurance Support team.

For more details and enquiries, contact 2341-2774500 Or send an email to contactcentre@coronationinsurance.com.ng

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