12 September 2023

The Significance of Claims Payment: Why We Keep Ou...

When it comes to insurance, one of the most critical aspects is claims payment. At Coronation Insurance, we understand the significance of fulfilling our promise to our policyholders. In this article, we will explore the importance of timely claims payment and why we take pride in keeping our word.

04 May 2023

What is Savings Account?

Savings accounts are a popular financial tool used by individuals to save money for future goals, emergencies, or just to have a secure place to keep their money. A savings account is a type of deposit account offered by banks and other financial institutions, where customers can deposit and withdraw their funds while earning interest … Continue reading “What is Savings Account?”

18 April 2023

What Is Investment? [All You Need to Know & I...

Investing is one of the most important aspects of personal finance and wealth management. In simple terms, investment refers to the act of allocating resources, such as money or time, with the expectation of earning a return or profit in the future. Investment is crucial because it allows individuals and organizations to generate income and … Continue reading “What Is Investment? [All You Need to Know & Investment Options to Explore]”

15 March 2023

How Can I Fund My Access Bank Domiciliary Account?

Access Bank domiciliary account is an account that is denominated in a foreign currency and can be used to receive and make payments in foreign currency. It is an important account for individuals and businesses who engage in international transactions or who earn income in foreign currencies. In this article, we will explore how to … Continue reading “How Can I Fund My Access Bank Domiciliary Account?”

05 August 2020

Emergency Funds: Why you need one

No one prays for emergencies but they are part of the package called life. You might tick out all the dates on the calendar or have a mental picture of how every minute of your day should weave into a bouquet of bliss. But the universe might have something else planned. Don’t fret. Like said … Continue reading “Emergency Funds: Why you need one”

28 July 2020

5 Simple Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

Let’s paint you a picture– You’ve run out of some groceries and need to make a quick stop at the grocery store to stock up. Before stepping into the store, you know exactly what you want to buy–say three to four items, nothing much. But upon entering the store, every item on the shelf beckons … Continue reading “5 Simple Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store”

28 July 2020

Fun Ways to Get in Extra Cash

Let’s face it, monthly paychecks are just never enough and that’s why it’s always a good idea to have an extra source of income. Let’s not bore ourselves with the long talk of how you should not put your eggs in one basket. The point is, everyone loves making money and so, we’ll just dive … Continue reading “Fun Ways to Get in Extra Cash”

28 July 2020

Mistakes to Avoid as You Begin Saving for Retireme...

Whether you’re just entering the workforce or been there for a while, the fact still remains that retirement isn’t too far for you to worry about. Everyone wants to have a retirement that is filled with bliss with no worries whatsoever. But, making the wrong financial move could impact greatly on your retirement and we … Continue reading “Mistakes to Avoid as You Begin Saving for Retirement”

28 July 2020

The Ultimate Rookies’ Guide for Investing

Investing, investing, investing– It’s surprising how this word carries so much prestige. You know how a friend will mention that they just began investing and in your head, you’re thinking they’ve hit a jackpot or something. Well, while some people have the prenotion that investment is only for those who’ve made it in life, the … Continue reading “The Ultimate Rookies’ Guide for Investing”

20 March 2020


What comes to mind when you hear financial freedom? Is it the ability to own the latest iPhone models as they drop without batting an eyelid? Is it having 30 billion in the account and handling all the bills on the tables when you’re at the club and all? In simple, clear terms, it is … Continue reading “IS FINANCIAL FREEDOM REALLY POSSIBLE?”

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