What comes to mind when you hear financial freedom? Is it the ability to own the latest iPhone models as they drop without batting an eyelid? Is it having 30 billion in the account and handling all the bills on the tables when you’re at the club and all? In simple, clear terms, it is having enough money to never worry about money again. See what we did there? Yes, that’s easy to remember.

We often mistake financial independence for financial freedom. Now that you’re reading this post, we hope that won’t be your case anymore. Financial independence is ownership of a net worth sufficient to fully support one’s lifestyle consistently and without an external pause. On the other hand, financial freedom is the ability to consistently live without financial stress. This means that an unexpected bill doesn’t ruin the month or a huge percentage of your income doesn’t go into repaying a credit facility, principal or interest. If life happens — like a short period of unemployment — it doesn’t push you into debt. Simply put, you control your money and it doesn’t control you.

Sadly, regardless of how we choose to evaluate financial freedom, a large percentage of us do not attain the financial freedom we hope for. And no, it’s not your enemies at work. It could most likely be that you’re yet to fully grasp the concept of not being a slave to your finances. Anyhow you choose to look at it, you’re better off in control of your finances. That’s why we’d love to share what we consider key habits of financially free people:

  • They are frugal: Individuals who are money wise are usually careful with every kobo of their money. Why buy when you can lease, or lease when you can rent.
  • They are consistent: Instead of spending all of your income, set aside a little percentage monthly. Open a separate account, “your financial freedom account” where all the funds will be deposited. It may be difficult at first to live on 90% of your salary but eventually, it will be quite easy. The easier it gets, the higher the percentage you can save e.g. 30%.

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