Fun Ways to Get in Extra Cash

Let’s face it, monthly paychecks are just never enough and that’s why it’s always a good idea to have an extra source of income. Let’s not bore ourselves with the long talk of how you should not put your eggs in one basket. The point is, everyone loves making money and so, we’ll just dive right into the things you can do to have that extra cash rolling in. 

Drive People Around: There are two things involved here–Have you got a neat, functional car? Do you enjoy driving? If your answer to both of these questions is ‘yes’, then vroom, you’re on your way to making some cool cash. There are many car-hailing services you can sign up for. That shouldn’t be tasking, we guess. Bon voyage!

Become an Influencer: Whether we like it or not, influencer work is becoming more lucrative by the day. These people get a huge stash of cash just for promoting a brand, service or item on their social media accounts. Just that! Once you’ve got huge followership and engagement on your social media account, you might want to put that into good use.

Start a Blog:  Can you write? Do Do you exude a different kind of energy that people would love? Do you keep up with trends on a regular basis? You know, maybe its time to channel these abilities of yours into doing something that can bring in some money. You can start a blog where you share your opinions/ideas or a Vlog where you just rant about relatable issues and everything in between. The bottom line is, if you can be an audience magnet, then the money is not far fetched.

Grocery Shop for People: A good number of people do not enjoy grocery shopping. So, what if you take this huge task off their shoulders by shopping for them instead? Beyond this,  the physically disabled and elderly who have difficulty leaving the home may require some assistance shopping so, you can come in and save the day while securing some cool cash of course. 

Become a Photographer: Here’s how you’d know if you’ve got some cool photography skills– If you’ve taken shots that people won’t stop talking about; If you spend hours editing your photos till it pops, if you have a passion for capturing moments and relationships on camera. There you go! All you need is a good camera, some nice editing tools and voila! Your side hustle is born. You can even sell your photos online to stock sites.

Finally, there are so many things that you can try your hands on to bring in extra cash. These are just a few of them. The best way to stay committed to your side hustle is to find the one you enjoy doing and how much time you can devote to it.

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