5 Simple Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

Let’s paint you a picture– You’ve run out of some groceries and need to make a quick stop at the grocery store to stock up. Before stepping into the store, you know exactly what you want to buy–say three to four items, nothing much. But upon entering the store, every item on the shelf beckons for your attention and you just can’t resist so, you end up coming out with a trolly full of groceries and of course, spending way above your budget. It happens to everyone and we may have just the right solution to help out.

Arm yourself with a list: Make a list of the items you need to buy and when shopping, try as much as possible to stick to it. You may also want to go with the exact money for the items. This way, no matter how tempted you are to pick an extra item, you’d remember you don’t have enough money in hand to pay for it.

Shop on a full stomach: Try not to go to the store after work or before dinner when you’ll most likely be hungry. Going grocery shopping while hungry is like setting bait for yourself to overspend. Invariably, you’ll purchase more than you need. You may try weekend shopping when you are sure you’ll have a full stomach.

Shop with the season: Buying items like fruits and vegetables that are in season will be cheaper than buying the ones that are not. Not only will it save you some money, most of the time, but they are also fresher and crispier.

Leave the kids at home, if possible: Going shopping with your little ones can be fun but, if you want to save some money it may be a good idea to shop alone. This is because your kids will often want to buy food items such as snacks, drinks etc, that you don’t need and it isn’t always easy to say no.

Don’t buy pre-made foods: It’s often cheaper and even healthier to make your own food. Just buy your ingredients and get creative trying out new recipes.

When next you go shopping, try out any of the aforementioned tips and thank us! Do you have any other tips that help you save money while grocery shopping? Do share with us!

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