We can’t run away from perils

As we go about our daily hustle to make ends meet, we try to avoid every unfortunate event that may delay or deter us in the process but there are just some situations that are totally beyond our control.

What are Perils?

Perils are causes of damage or injury or even loss. They are a part of human existence because they are inextricably woven into our daily lives.

Have you ever wondered what you would do if your house caught fire because you left your gas on or you didn’t turn off your switch and the electric current was bad so it blew up your space?

What would you do if some crazy road user bashed your new car and you know that the money didn’t come as easy as the car looked?

Would you scream, cry and rip your hair out if you suddenly looked into your bag and realized that your laptop was missing, and you know that for you to get another one you’d have to sweat a little?

Do you get angry when you share your content on the internet and someone picks it up to reshare without any attribution or acknowledgement sent your way?

These are basic examples of perils that we face every day. While we may not be able to avoid them, we definitely can work towards minimizing the perils that we will likely experience.

Basic perils and how to manage them

1. Theft: To avoid theft of your property, ensure that it is under lock and key. Double check your home and car to be sure that no door is left unlocked. When you’re on the road, hold your bags close to you to avoid stories that touch.

2. Fire: Ensure that electricity and electronics are disabled when not in use; ensure that your gas is turned off properly. Get a fire extinguisher and keep it in a spot where it can be easily accessed.

3. Vandalism: Keep your property safe and away from prying eyes; If you must drive, avoid areas that are occupied by hoodlums and if you must visit such areas, make sure your car is safe.

4. Accident: There was a reason why they said “Don’t drink and drive”. Not only that, don’t text or call while driving. If you must, use a hands free or park in a safe space to make your call before moving on. Also, be considerate to other road users, both drivers and pedestrians alike.

5. Digital & Intellectual Property Theft: It can be very annoying when someone uses your content without acknowledging you, and since the internet is a vast space what you can do to keep your content as original and safe as possible is to watermark or copyright it. That way, no matter how much time it’s been shared it still maintains its owner’s signature.

We can manage perils if we pay attention and put in an effort but if they do happen, insurance can help to take away the burden of their effects from us.

Having insurance means you won’t be the guy who gets down from his fancy car to strangle the Danfo driver when his car gets hit, you won’t be the lady who curses and cries because she couldn’t find the fire extinguisher when the fire broke out, and you definitely won’t be the guy pulling his hair out when he looks into his bag and his laptop is gone.

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