Myth or Fact: The truth about life insurance

Life insurance is the most important insurance for an individual. Unfortunately, there are still many insurance myths that make people ignore the benefits of this protective plan.

Taking out life insurance doesn’t necessarily mean expecting bad things, but it’s an expectation and won’t hurt your family in the future. The reason is that no one knows when death will come, but we can foresee all the bad possibilities that follow.

Here are some myths about life insurance that we have debunked:

1-      Insurance is only for life protection

Myth: Life insurance only provides benefits towards death of the holder.

Fact: Although life insurance mainly provides benefits at the death of a holder, policies like E-Term Standard also provide benefits like medical assistance to the policyholder in the case of an unfortunate accident.

2-     Insurance is for adults only

Myth: Young people don’t need life insurance

Fact: The risk in life (sickness, accident, and even death) can happen to anyone, including young single people. As people who have many desires, young people tend to have debt burdens such as credit cards and others. With life insurance, the family left behind can avoid all debt costs that must be paid. With E-Term Standard your family doesn’t also have to bear the medical expenses if an accident happens.

3-  Costs of insurance premium is too expensive

Myth: Life insurance premiums are expensive.

Fact: Life insurance offers premium costs that can be adjusted according to your needs. For E-Term Standard you can pay your premium in two installments to make it easier for you to pay.

4- Claims process is not easy

Myth: The process of getting one’s claims payout is strenuous

Fact: We are digitizing our claims process to make it easy for our clients to submit their claims in minutes and get payout to sort their needs promptly.

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