Safety Tips for Mobile Banking

To ensure a safe mobile banking experience, always protect your phone and personal information from hackers, identity thieves and malware.

TIP 1: Be mindful of your PIN and password

  • Never disclose your password, PIN or OTP to anyone even if they tell you they are from Access Bank
  • Use strong passwords so no one can make an easy guess
  • Don’t use the same PIN for all your ATM cards

TIP 2: Don’t take the Phishing bait

  • Don’t click on dubious links in emails or texts
  • Don’t send financial information or disclose your PIN, password or username in unencrypted emails
  • Report any suspicious email or text you receive to us immediately

TIP 3: Update your security software

  • Install ‘updates’ for your device’s operating system and banking app as they become available
  • Back up your data so that you can recover it when necessary

TIP 4: Avoid unsecured Wi-Fi

  • Don’t perform sensitive financial transactions using public Wi-Fi or unknown networks
  • Use a secure connection when making any financial transaction on your Mobile Banking App
  • Always turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use

Call us immediately on 01-2712005 to report any suspicious activity on your account. Stay safe, Stay vigilant.

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