20 April 2020

Access The Stars: Charles Akinloye Takes The Crown

The Access The Stars TV show has taught us one big lesson, In the journey of life, you’ll lose some and gain some. That’s how competitions play out anyways, especially in one where only a single winner is required. No doubt, it was quite heart wrenching to see some of the contestants get dropped off … Continue reading “Access The Stars: Charles Akinloye Takes The Crown”

20 April 2020

Access The Stars: The Journey So Far

Access The Stars was unquestionably one of the biggest television events of the year (argue with your keyboards if you must). Just by its name, you can almost deduce who the sponsors were. That’s right, the show was the brainchild of Access Bank Plc and Star Lager Beer. Remember some time ago, when a certain … Continue reading “Access The Stars: The Journey So Far”

25 September 2019

Make Your Dad a Celebrity

What if you could live like a celebrity child for a day by turning your dad into a celebrity on father’s day. How? You can have his picture put up for the whole of Lagos and Abuja to see on the LED billboards and guess what? It’s free! Now ain’t that something. For the juicy … Continue reading “Make Your Dad a Celebrity”

25 September 2019

All Smiles! Watch as Winners of the Access Family ...

t’s been a shower of gifts for participants in the Access Bank Family Fortune Promo. The campaign has seen over 1000 families being rewarded for saving together, including serial winners like Mrs. Oluwaseun Ojuade who testified to getting Family Movie tickets, N6,000 Data Bundle and a Samsung Galaxy smartphone from 3 different random selections. This … Continue reading “All Smiles! Watch as Winners of the Access Family Fortune Promo Receive their Rewards”

25 September 2019

How To Relieve Financial Stress This Summer

Summer is the most anticipated and most loved holiday. The warm, sunny days of summer inspire picnics, re-unions, vacations, trips to the beach and outdoor barbecues! It is a time to relax and catch up with friends and family. It is easy to get lost in the motions and forget to take a holiday, but … Continue reading “How To Relieve Financial Stress This Summer”

25 September 2019

International Workers’ Day

Is workers’ day just another day off work or do you really understand what it stands for? Workers’ Day means more than undefined parades, protests and speeches. It stands for freedom, consideration and humanity. International Workers’ Day also known as May Day or Labour Day in some countries is celebrated on May 1st around the … Continue reading “International Workers’ Day”

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