Coronavirus: How to stay healthy during lockdown

The practices of social distancing and self-isolation are a crucial part of the plan to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. As important as it is to keep these measures in place, it is also important to recognize the mental, physical and physiological effects they can have on people.

Staying healthy during this pandemic cannot be overemphasized, and below are the four pillars of health to pay attention to during the lockdown.

NUTRITION: Eat healthy meals that would improve digestion, reduce your risk of chronic diseases, regulate appetite and promote your overall health.

SLEEP: Establish a relaxing bedtime routine and keep a consistent sleep schedule.

Ensure you get at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night to reduce the risk of serious health problems.

CONTROLLING STRESS: Alleviate stress by speaking with those you are comfortable opening up to.

Practice calming breathing techniques to improve anxiety levels.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Go for a run, walk or cycle and get your heart rate pumping.

If you cannot go outside, follow certified fitness professionals online and practice from the comfort of your own living room. Stay home, stay healthy.

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