How to Stay Healthy and Fit While Working a 9-5

Let’s face it, nobody has ever gone to work, the gym and made dinner in one day, or at least that’s what most 9-5 workers will tell you. You can’t really be blamed though if you share a similar notion. Dragging your self out of bed and having to face traffic is hard enough. Deep down you know you want to have that summer body but work will not allow you to be great. And you’re ready to say “You know what man, I’m done with this fitness of a thing”. Not so fast! You can still get that body you want while working a 9-5. Wondering how? Just follow these tips!

Have a good eating habit:  Before now, you’ve probably been ‘chopping’ life with reckless abandon and iced out the slightest guilty feeling by telling yourself you only live once. Not anymore. You can either get that body you want right now by being deliberate with what you eat or live the rest of your life daydreaming about it. And that means more protein and vegetables and fewer carbohydrates, getting rid of those chocolate chips and soda you just stocked your fridge with, and mustering up the courage to politely decline when that office buddy of yours offers you a huge chunk of pizza. One last thing, if you have to staple your lips together so you don’t eat after 7 pm, do it!

Increase your physical activity: This is a polite way of telling you to get your bottom off the seat and move! Take a coffee break, walk around the office and reacquaint yourself with your colleagues. If your office is a trekkable distance from home, take a walk and when you can opt to take stairs instead of the elevator. This might seem like stress, but it will do your body a whole lot of good and the chances of you developing diseases like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, and stroke will be drastically reduced because you’re active.

Get Enough Sleep: You’ve noticed that one colleague of yours that always comes to the office bright-eyed, full of energy and cheer. More often than not, you’ve wondered if he or she is operating under a different work universe or your worst nightmare- collecting double your salary. That could be you but you don’t sleep till 1 am every day and so you go to the office each day with tired, red eyes and enough crankiness to share. Now, medical personnel have recommended about 7-9 hours of sleep for proper body function. So, If you want to improve your well being, start by sleeping better.

Have A Healthy Squad: You see those colleagues who offer you french fries dripping in fat, avoid them like a plague. They are nothing but one of the factors militating against your healthy lifestyle. Earlier, we told you to reacquaint yourself with your colleagues. In the process of doing so, seek out those who’ll be willing to form healthy eating and exercising squad with you. That way, you’ll all keep a close watch on what each person is eating and stay motivated to reach your fitness goals.

Drink Water Regularly: You can start by downloading a drink water reminder app — yeah, there’s something like that. You’ve got to start from somewhere. Also, make sure you’ve got a drinking bottle filled with water at your desk at all times to help you reach the recommended daily water intake of about 3 litres. This simple act can help you stay fit by getting your food to digest well, keeping you from overeating, and helping your organs to work properly.

While the above-listed tips can help you kick start your journey to fitness, you need to condition your mind first to decide that you want to join the fitfams. Then, depending on how dogged your resolve is to ‘get that body’, you can seek the assistance of a fitness expert. Remember consistency is the key to achieving your fitness goals. 

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