Imagine you’re a 9-5er on a moderate income with a few side hustles, at the end of the month, you put a certain percentage into savings and another into investment never giving a minute’s thought to insurance forgetting that if something happens to you or your assets your savings and investment could go down the drain.

Let’s say for example, you got a hundred thousand Naira gift for reading this article, what would you spend it on? Let’s believe you have chosen your answer, was insurance on the list of what to spend your hundred thousand on? Possibly not. The truth is once you start earning, have dependents and start owning assets, you need to set aside a percentage monthly or yearly for insurance, if you can save then you can insure.

Thanks to companies like Coronation and Access bank, that have provided an easy means to financing through savings, investments and insurance, offering you an opportunity to plan towards a secure financial future.

Here are a few reasons why you need to add on insurance when planning your finance;

  • Unforeseen event

Life can be unpredictable and things happen when we least expect them and the only guarantees are the insurance covers on those people/ things we cherish and value.

  •  Financial Security

There’s a saying that every individual or organization is a sickness or fire away from being broke.  A financially conscious person knows that the key to stability is growing and upscaling rather than spending money to fix the things you have spent money acquiring and building in the case of an unplanned event.

Start living a more conscious life by getting insurance and see it as a part of the plan and not an afterthought or not important.

Take up a plan today!

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