29 April 2022


Employee benefits are indirect and monetary benefits paid to employees. These benefits are given to employees in addition to salaries and wages. These are also known as benefits provided to attract and retain employees. Employees love benefits. They want gratitude and recognition for their efforts. Many employees apply for an organization according to the benefits … Continue reading “EMPLOYEE BENEFITS AND COMPENSATION – WHY INSURANCE SHOULD BE PART OF IT”

10 October 2021

Home Insurance: Which Policy Should I get?

Home Insurance shouldn’t be considered a luxury, rather a necessity because it protects your home and belongings against unfortunate events such as fire, flood, fallen tree and theft. It covers the loss or damage to the building and its content. In selecting a Home Insurance policy, you need to understand which one is best for … Continue reading “Home Insurance: Which Policy Should I get?”

10 October 2021

Secure your home with Home Insurance

When choosing a house to make our home, we take in so many considerations, put in so much efforts and pay attention to every detail. After choosing a house, we go ahead to decorate it to our satisfaction; this includes picking out home goods, choosing a design and sometimes seeking the expertise of a professional … Continue reading “Secure your home with Home Insurance”

10 October 2021

What does Fire & Burglary Insurance Cover?

The Fire & Burglary Insurance policy from Coronation Insurance is specially designed to protect against loss or damage to a property caused by fire or theft involving violent and forcible entry. Features of Fire & Burglary Insurance While having a Fire & Burglary Insurance policy can help protect your property and its content in the … Continue reading “What does Fire & Burglary Insurance Cover?”

10 October 2021


According to the official statistics presented by the Federal Fire Service (FFS) during the 2018 Fire Fighters Day, over N5 trillion has been lost to fire incidents between the years 2013 and 2018 in Nigeria. With such high-end losses caused by fire, it is imperative that one takes precautionary measures. As a people, Nigerians believe … Continue reading “WHY FIRE & BURGLARY INSURANCE?”

13 August 2021

Getting A Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Motor insurance is a type of insurance where losses or damages that may be incurred on properties or persons as a result of an accident caused by the car owner or operator. You must get your car insured before driving it on the road, it’s the law; It ensures that you are protected as well … Continue reading “Getting A Comprehensive Motor Insurance”

13 August 2021

Motor Insurance 101: 5 Terms You Need to Know in M...

Everyone wants their car to look as sleek as they first got it. No scratches, no dents, and no issues. But is that really possible? Of course not! Casualties both expected and unexpected will occur as a result of moving around and about. These casualties or damage could be as a result of a collision either self-inflicted … Continue reading “Motor Insurance 101: 5 Terms You Need to Know in Motor Insurance”

13 August 2021

Don’t Pull Your Hair Out, Get Marine Insurance

A lot of us are like Obinna, we tend to feel like we have control over every situation. More often than not, it works out – your expected goods are delivered safely, completely and right on time without stress or hassle. The transporters in charge of your goods follow all laws and regulations, and you’re good … Continue reading “Don’t Pull Your Hair Out, Get Marine Insurance”

13 August 2021

What You Need to Know About Marine Insurance

Bad weather, storms, thunder strikes, breakdowns and other events are some of the issues in the air and sea and they can be dangerous to you if you are into the cargo business, but Marine Insurance will protect you against loss or damage of both cargo and vessel. What is Marine Insurance? Marine Cargo and … Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Marine Insurance”

09 June 2021

Getting a life insurance policy of my own

Living from his example, I purchased a policy of my own, and talked to  my wife about it. For N30,000* a month, I’m covered until I’m 95 and my wife will get N7,700,000* when I die — enough to make the loss just a little bit easier. These are never pleasant conversations to have, but … Continue reading “Getting a life insurance policy of my own”

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